Eclectic photography exhibit at the Smokestack

The ECLECTIC photography exhibit by the Dubuque Camera Club is display at the Smokestack during the entire month of July 2021. The Smokestack gallery is located on the 2nd floor, at 62 East 7th St., next to the Dubuque County courthouse. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to drop in! Exhibit open hours: Thursday, Friday, Saturdays, starting at 7:00 p.m.

Photography by members of the Dubuque Camera Club is on display at the Smokestack through the month of July. Gallery hours: Thurs-Fri-Sat, starting at 7:00 p.m.

Photographs by the following 14 club members are on display and also available for purchase.

  • Nick Lucy
  • Ronald Tigges
  • Jennifer Tigges
  • Bob Felderman
  • Leo Heim
  • Ken Kiss
  • Laurie Helling
  • Casey Klein
  • Henry Matthiessen III
  • Stephonie Schmitz
  • Lorna Costello
  • Sam Fenstermacher
  • Chuck Isenhart
  • James Kelly

Smokestack exhibitors: Watch for an announcement about the exhibit end date and print pickup. We’ll send out information as details become available. Thanks for participating in this exhibit!


A free opening reception for the Eclectic Dubuque Camera Club exhibit at the Smokestack was held on Friday, July 2nd, 2021 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. The club provided light hors d’oeuvres, and the public was invited. Thanks to exhibit organizers, participants, attendees, and those who took part in “hanging day.” This event was well-attended and enjoyed by all! Here’s a link to the event on Facebook.

Participating in club exhibits is one of the perks of Dubuque Camera Club membership.

June 7, 2021 – Club Picnic

The Dubuque Camera Club held its end-of-the-season picnic on Monday, June 7th, 2021 at the America’s State Tree Woodland Walk shelter in the Mines of Spain Recreation Area. Twenty club members and two guests attended. The club provided pre-packaged box lunches and bottled water for a light evening meal. (We hope to bring back the yummy potluck next year!)

Jennifer Tigges did a great job with purchasing and gathering food and supplies for the picnic. Not only did she bring tablecloths, but they were each weighted down against the breeze with bug soother or hand sanitizer. Very practical!

During the picnic, Cara Pusateri, club N4C rep, gave out stacks of ribbons and comments from this season’s N4C contests. Because our club has been holding virtual meetings since April 2020, she had quite a few awards stacked up. Our club did awesome during the 2020/21 season! See the Club Winners page for our club’s top photographers who earned recognition in the monthly N4C contests.

At the start of the evening, Chuck Isenhart, who is a state representative in Des Moines, as well as a club member, gave a short pitch for club members to support the Dubuque County Land and Water Legacy coalition. This will be another option for protecting the natural areas and creatures that so many of us love to photograph!

Casey Klein passed around a printed copy of a recent Galena CFA virtual exhibit. You can order printed copies of the flipbook, which makes a nice keepsake for participants! See all the flipbooks here. If you are interested in future opportunities, contact their gallery manager or sign up for their newsletter on the Galena Center for the Arts website.

Other news shared or overheard during the picnic….

  • Henry Matthiessen suggested that everybody who participates in the upcoming Smokestack exhibit needs to commit to share the event (either on social media or in person) at least FIVE times.
  • Stephonie Schmitz has agreed to use her graphic design skills for the upcoming club photography exhibits.
  • Jennifer and Ron brought a sample “Woodsnap” print, just in case the club wants to print the DuMA show on wood this year.
  • Ken Kiss is planning a trip to the Great Smoky Mountains, so get ready to see lots of great scenic images!
  • Kevin McTague is caring for a bluebird trail at Swiss Valley. This year, it was used by 10 bluebird families and 4 tree swallow families.
  • New club member Jim Kelly is originally from Ireland (really!)
  • Nick Lucy was so happy to come to the picnic, he arrived one day early! (Shhh, don’t tell!)

New club officers for 2021-2022

The club also (re)elected officers for the upcoming season. Jennifer started out with a bang in her new role as treasurer by giving a snapshot of the club’s (healthy) finances. She is also still on the N4C board of directors. New club vice president Jim Durrant will sub for Ron to lead meetings when needed. Cara will continue her role as N4C rep, but she is looking forward to training a new volunteer. Ken will continue to handle the Nature and Black & White entries.

Club officeClub member
President Ronald Tigges
Vice President James Durrant
Treasurer Jennifer Tigges
N4C Representative Cara Pusateri
N4C Representative Kenneth Kiss
Communications Pamela Brandt

UPCOMING EXHIBITS — An opening reception for the Dubuque Camera Club exhibit at the Smokestack will be held on Friday, July 2nd from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. More info here. This is a really nice venue, so be sure to invite the people you know!

Trees at DuMA. Everybody please check what you sent in for the Trees exhibit at the Dubuque Museum of Art. If you want to add or delete an image, let Ron or Ken know. For DuMA, we’ll order prints as a club. Opening date is Nov. 13. It will be on display during an exhibit of Associated Press photos that were taken during the Vietnam war.

Participating in club exhibits & activities is a perk of Dubuque Camera Club membership!


Remember, there are no regular meetings during the summer. The first club meeting of the 2021/22 season will be on Tuesday, September 7th at 6:30 p.m. We plan to meet in person.

Membership dues of $20 will be due at the Sept. 7 meeting. You are welcome to click this link to renew your member dues online. New members may join the club using the same link.

May 24, 2021 Meeting Notes

The virtual meeting of the Dubuque Camera Club on May 24, 2021 was attended by 17 club members. The meeting got off to a flying start at 6:29½ sharp because Chuck Isenhart was on the autobahn and trying to maintain his current velocity. We apologize to anyone who joined the meeting and felt confused. There was no introduction, and yes, everybody got dipped into deep water right away.

We realize it’s hard to cruise at top speed with a laptop (and webcam!) teetering on the dashboard of your Chevy. However, next time we hope that Chuck will take a few moments to meditate with his toes still on the diving board before he drags the rest of us into the 12-foot zone. (Note: If you’re mumbling “mixed metaphor,” sorry, there’s nothing that can be done. Next time will be better, we promise — cross my heart and hope to kiss a frog.)

Digital Travel judging. First speedo thing on the agenda was breaking tiebreakers for the N4C Digital Travel (DT) judging. Cara Pusateri organized the submissions; and this month’s judges — Stephonie Schmitz and Chuck Isenhart — offered their thoughts on the top images. Bob Felderman also served as a volunteer judge this month, but was absent from tonight’s meeting. We suspect Bob’s real-life travels prevented him from joining this virtual discussion of digital travel. (If your eyes are crossed now, please be aware, this is within the realm of normal. However, Kevin’s image below is not — possibly to his granddaughter’s disappointment.) Cara channeled Bob and made the deciding vote. Winners are already on the N4C website.

Congratulations to the following club photographers whose images appear in the N4C winners’ galleries for the May 2021 competition:

  • Kevin McTague – Digital Altered Reality, 2nd place, “See Jane Run”
  • Stephonie Schmitz – Digital Nature, 3rd place, “Giraffe Pool, Massai Mara, Africa”
  • Andreas Exner – Digital Nature, honorable mention, “Sandhill Cranes”

• Jim Durrant – Photo entered by the N4C in the PSA Council Challenge, “Nighttime at Fallingwater”

Print competition changes from the N4C. It sounds like the N4C has decided on print competition changes, effective this fall. No mats or backing will be allowed, categories will be doubled up (Here we go marching two-by-two, hurrah, hurrah), and everything needs to fit in specific sized mailing boxes. More info is in the N4C’s May newsletter. Our club will need to decide if, given these changes, we want to participate in print competition. Our club has not participated in monthly print competition for the past several years, due to the cost and hassle.

UPCOMING EXHIBITS — An opening reception for the Eclectic exhibit at the Smokestack will be held on Friday, July 2nd from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. This is part of First Fridays. Participating club members will need to have their own prints made. More info here.

Trees at DuMA. Everybody please check what you sent in for the Trees exhibit at DuMA. If you want to add or delete an image, let Ron or Ken know. Each person can submit up to five, and be prepared to pay for printing costs for up to two. The art museum curator will curate (Does that sound repetitious?), and we’ll order matching prints as a club. Remember, participating in club exhibits is a perk of Dubuque Camera Club membership. Samples will be available at the picnic.

Club picnic coming up!

The Dubuque Camera Club picnic will be held on Monday, June 7th at 6:00 (six) p.m. Don’t forget to RSVP!

** Club Picnic on June 7th! The annual end-of-the-season club picnic will be held on Monday, June 7th at 6:00 (six) p.m. The club will order a catered box lunch for everyone who RSVPs by Friday, June 4th. Each club member may bring up to one guest. This is a perfect opportunity to bring someone who is interested in joining the club. A spouse or significant other is fine too. Look in the club email that was sent on May 23rd for a link to the RSVP form.

Remember, there are no regular club meetings during the summer. (Possibly we will organize a summer photoshoot or presentation). Our regular meetings will start up again in person on TUESDAY, September 7th at a venue TBD. Ron said he hopes to continue offering a virtual option for future meetings.

Dues will be due in September. If you want to get a jump on next year’s dues, you are welcome to do so. Simply click this link to renew your member dues online. New members may also join using the same link.

Photo Caravan images

The highlight of tonight’s meeting was looking at images from the Photo Caravan on Wednesday, May 19th. It was led by Dubuque Camera Club member and renowned landscape photographer Henry Matthiessen III. The club met in Galena, and then drove southward to visit several photogenic destinations. Sixteen people attended the photo caravan, and everyone who went took pictures and had fun. “Let’s do it again” was unanimous for this photoshoot.

During the photo caravan, the club visited the following destinations. Click here for a map.

  1. Galena’s Historic Train Depot 
  2. Horseshoe Mound Preserve 
  3. Chestnut Mountain Resort 
  4. Bottomlands Barn with reflections 
  5. Railroad overpass with graffiti
  6. Blanding Landing 

Quite a few people have shared images to the club’s Facebook group. You can also see some images in this folder in the club’s online gallery.

Dubuque Camera Club member Ken Kiss. Photo by Jennifer Tigges.

May 3, 2021 Meeting Notes

Fifteen club members and one guest attended the Dubuque Camera Club virtual meeting on May 3, 2021. Many topics were discussed, including the two club exhibits that are coming up this year.

Smokestack. Remember, the Smokestack exhibit in July will be an eclectic exhibit, so everyone will need to get their own prints made! (Or unbury them from your closet!) Up to around 30 large prints may be displayed, along with a digital slideshow. The club still needs to figure out the submission and jurying process. Prints can be for sale, minus a commission. Be prepared to submit photos of existing framed prints. More info at the next meeting.

Trees at DuMA. Club members, be sure to check what you sent in last year for the Trees exhibit at DuMA. If you want to add, change, or delete your image from consideration, let Ron or Ken know. [Note: Scroll down to the 2020 album in the club’s online gallery to see those submissions.] The curator from the art museum will jury this show, and we’ll have photos printed as a group, as in previous years. The opening is scheduled for November 13th, so there is still time to prepare or make changes.

Digital Travel judging. Our club will judge the N4C Digital Travel (DT) competition this month. Cara Pusateri, one of our club’s N4C reps, will facilitate the judging. Thanks to three courageous volunteers who stepped up to serve as virtual contest judges: Bob Felderman, Stephonie Schmitz, and Chuck Isenhart. The club voted to reschedule the next meeting to Monday, May 24th to better fit with the judging schedule.

Photo Caravan. At tonight’s meeting, we also finalized plans for the upcoming Photo Caravan through Jo Daviess county on Wed. May 19. It will be led by Dubuque Camera Club member Henry Matthiessen III. We’ll meet in Galena and drive or carpool to several photo destinations.

April returns. The club went over returns from the April N4C contests. Our club had a dozen top-rated images last month, including another 2nd place! Yay, Ron! That’s pretty good for a club our size! [Imagine the ding-ding of a pinball table as the points ring up!] Congratulations to the following Dubuque Camera Club photographers!!

Congratulations to April winners!

  • Ron Tigges – Digital Travel, 2nd place for “Chicago River Wrigley Building View”
  • Lori Burrows – Digital Travel, merit award, “Winter Morning at the Arboretum”
  • Ken Kiss – Digital Travel, merit award, “Storm Clouds, Stanley, Idaho”
  • Jim Durrant – Digital Travel, merit award, “Evening, Grand Canyon”
  • Stephonie Schmitz – Digital Journalism, merit award, “Daily Chores in the Masai Mara”
  • Bob Felderman – Digital Journalism, merit award, “Hot Summer in Chicago, Living Water”
  • Kevin McTague – Digital Altered Reality, honorable mention, “Guess Who is Coming to Dinner?”
  • Ron Tigges – Digital Pictorial, merit award, “Matthiessen State Park Waterfall”
  • Stephonie Schmitz – Digital Pictorial, merit award, “Giraffe Pool, Massai Mara, Africa”
  • Stephonie Schmitz – Digital Nature, honorable mention, “Costa Rican Pygmy Owl”
  • Kevin McTague – Digital Nature, honorable mention, “Male House Finch”
  • Andreas Exner – Digital Black and White, merit award, “Barn in Snowy Landscape”

2021 N4C convention in Duluth – Cancelled until next year

The 2021 N4C convention in Duluth has been postponed until 2022.

Dear Conference Attendee,

It is with an abundance of caution along with much disappointment that the Duluth-Superior Camera Club has decided to postpone the 2021 Fall N4C Convention for the health and safety of members and our community. We were looking forward to “everything photography” that we had planned for you, but we do not want to risk anyone’s wellness given our areas uptick in Covid and the community spread of the virus. Also taken into consideration was the wildfires, drought, and that the leaves are already changing up here…creating potential issues with air quality and good conditions for our field trips.

Just so you know, we’re a hardy, hard working bunch at 46° North. The pandemic might have won this year, but we are planning on hosting the 2022 convention on September 22-25, 2022 at the Radisson Duluth-Harborview. While the speaker lineup may change, the conference framework will be the same and we will make sure you have a great educational and photographic experience.

The Radisson Duluth will work with each of you that reserved lodging. You have two options: a) Cancel your booking (nothing has been charged to anyone at this time) or b) keep your booking and use it as scheduled.  To cancel your room reservation, please call the hotel at 218-727-8981, if you don’t cancel they will charge you for the rooms. 

For your convention registration fees, you have two options:

  1. Roll over your registration to the 2022 N4C Convention on September 22-25, 2022. This makes it easy for you and it will help us plan ahead. You will also avoid additional charges if convention costs rise.
  2. Receive a full refund electronically through PayPal if you paid through PayPal(make sure to check your account), or in the mail via a paper check if you paid via check. For a refund by check if you paid via paypal, please contact Doug White by September 23rd with what form or to it roll over to next year. 

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and frustration this may cause and we look forward to greeting you at 46° North in 2022!


Amber Nichols

Chairwoman N4C Convention Committee