Club officers

The Dubuque Camera Club is a volunteer-run community organization. Club officers are elected (or re-elected) each season. The following individuals bring enthusiasm and expertise to our club:


Dubuque Camera Club officers for the 2022-23 season

Office Club officer
President Ronald Tigges
Vice President James Durrant
Treasurer / N4C Board Jennifer Tigges
Communications Ron Tigges, Robert Felderman, Stephonie Schmitz
N4C Representative Cara Pusateri
N4C Representative Kenneth Kiss
N4C Print Representative Stephonie Schmitz

Many Dubuque Camera Club members volunteer their time to ensure the club’s success. The following individuals have played important roles with the club during recent seasons:


Volunteer Role Club member
Exhibit organizers, The TREES/DuMA Ron & Jennifer Tigges
Exhibit organizers, Eclectic/Smokestack Ron & Jennifer Tigges
Exhibit organizers, Reflections Bob Felderman & Pamela Brandt
Virtual Zoom meeting host Bob Felderman
Photo Caravan leader (June 2021) Henry Matthiessen III
Facebook moderators Lori Burrows, Andreas Exner, Laurie Helling, Stephonie Schmitz, Dave Smethers, Bob Felderman, Pamela Brandt, Jennifer Tigges, Ron Tigges
Instagram Willie Tigges
Smugmug Kenneth Kiss, Cara Pusateri, Ron Tigges, Stephonie Schmitz
Mailchimp (club emails) Jennifer Tigges
Graphic Design (Flyers, N4C Convention, Collateral, etc) Stephonie Schmitz
Nature photography presenters Andreas Exner, Kevin McTeague, Ken Kiss, Ron Tigges
2020 Dubuque Bald Eagle Watch Andreas Exner, Kevin McTeague, Ken Kiss, Ron Tigges, Jennifer Tigges
Picnic and potluck Jennifer Tigges, Casey Klein, Laura Schuster
Meeting notes Sam Fenstermacher
Exhibit brochures, promos Stephonie Schmitz, Pamela Brandt