Club Winners

The Dubuque Camera Club competes in North Central Camera Club Council (N4C) photography contests. Below are the top winners from our club for each season.

To view the top winners from all clubs, visit the Winners Galleries on the N4C website and scroll down to Best of N4C.

2021 – “Best of” N4C club winners

Photos from the following Dubuque Camera Club members received recognition in the 2021 N4C end-of-the-season “Best of” contest:

  • Kevin McTague, honorable mention, Digital Altered Reality, “See Jane Run”
  • Will Hoyer, honorable mention, Digital Pictorial, “Morning Color at -16 degrees Fahrenheit”
  • Kenneth Kiss, honorable mention, Digital Pictorial, “Lifting Fog at Green Island”
  • Kenneth Kiss, honorable mention, Digital Nature, “Yep, All Feathers Counted”

2020/2021 – Top N4C winners from our club

AwardContest CategoryMonthTitleClub member
1stDigital TravelSept. 2020Horseshoe Bend, Arizona Stephonie Schmitz
1stDigital TravelOct. 2020Inspiration Point – Bryce Canyon, Utah Stephonie Schmitz
1stDigital TravelJan. 2021Delicate Arch at Sunset – Utah Stephonie Schmitz
1stDigital TravelFeb. 2021Fire Sky – Garden of the Gods – Colorado  Stephonie Schmitz
2ndDigital PictorialNov. 2020Motor Mill sunset on the turkey riverRon Tigges
2ndDigital TravelApr. 2021Chicago River Wrigley building view – Chicago,  IllinoisRon Tigges
2ndDigital Altered RealityMay 2021See Jane RunKevin McTague
2ndDigital PictorialMar. 2021Cloud Gods RiseHenry Matthiessen III
3rdDigital TravelJan. 2021Hydes Mill, Ridgeway, WisconsinKevin McTague
3rdDigital NatureMay 2021Giraffe Pool – Massai Mara, AfricaStephonie Schmitz
3rdDigital NatureJan. 2021Reflections of the FallenWill Hoyer

The following Dubuque Camera Club members received one or more Honorable Mention awards during the 2020/2021 N4C season:

  • Ron Tigges
  • Kenneth Kiss
  • Kevin McTague
  • Andreas Exner
  • Casey Klein
  • James Durrant
  • Stephone Schmitz
  • Will Hoyer

2019/2020 “Best of” Club Winners — virtual

The 2020 N4C convention was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Winners from the 2019/2020 season were recognized in a virtual presentation on October 14, 2020. The presentation was made into a 28-minute video. See a complete list of “Best of” winners for 2019/2020 on the N4C website.

Dubuque Camera Club members who were recognized by the N4C in 2019/2020:

  • Ronald Tigges, 3rd place, Digital Journalism, “Good Night.”
  • James Durrant, 3rd place, Digital Travel, “Nighttime at Falling Water, Pennsylvania.”
  • Stephonie Schmitz, honorable mention, Digital Travel, “Monument Valley, Arizona.”

2018/2019 “Best of N4C” Club Winners

The Dubuque Camera Club earned three end-of-the-year awards at the 2019 N4C convention:

  • David Smethers, Honorable Mention, Digital Journalism, “Rock climber scales sheer cliff face to summit rim of Grand Canyon”
  • Jose Garcia, Second Place, Digital Black and White, “Smoke”
  • Dubuque Camera Club, Honorable Mention, Digital Newsletter, written by Pamela Brandt

At the 2019 N4C summer mini-con, our club also took home a panoramic print award:

  • Ronald Tigges, 3rd Place, Panorama Print, “Christmas in July”

2017/2018 “Best of” Club Winners — Blufftops & Visions

In September 2018, the Dubuque Camera Club hosted Blufftops & Visions, the 62nd annual N4C photography convention, in Dubuque, Iowa. See the Blufftops & Visions photo gallery for images taken during this event.

At the 2018 Blufftops & Visions convention, our club earned a total of 11 awards. The following photographers were recognized in the “Best of N4C” annual competition:

  • First place, Digital Travel — “Ciudaddelas Ciencias Spain” by Jose Garcia
  • Second place, Digital Altered Reality — “Racing into Reality” by Ronald Tigges
  • Honorable Mention awards went to Pamela Brandt, Kevin McTague, David Smethers, Ron Tigges, and Jose Garcia.

2016/2017 “Best of N4C” Club Winners

The following Dubuque Camera Club members were recognized in 2016/2017 during the N4C annual competition:

Digital Black and White
First place: Gary Fagan, “Braving the Storm”
Honorable mention: José García, “Picking Flowers”
Digital Nature
Second place: José García, “Winter Sunrise”
Honorable mention: Gary Fagan, “Protect Me”
Digital Travel
Third place: José García, “Alhambra, Spain”
Honorable mention: Robert Felderman, “San Diego Skyline and Sailboats at Sunset”
Honorable mention: Kevin McTague, “John Hopkins Glacier, Alaska”