Still Life Workshop – Mon. Oct. 18th

The Dubuque Camera Club enjoyed a Still Life Workshop during the club meeting on Monday, October 18, 2021. Sixteen people attended this in-person workshop. Those who wished to participate in the photography brought cameras and tripods; others acted as photoshoot facilitators. Several people brought items to photograph, along with lighting and small backdrops. The club members assembled upstairs, and photoshoot stations were set up in the downstairs classroom.

Club president Ron Tigges started the meeting with a few announcements:

• Wi-fi access at the nature center will become available sooner than expected, possibly by next month. Having internet access during meetings will make sharing images easier, and will also make livestreaming possible.

• The Dubuque Museum of Art has obtained corporate sponsorship for the club’s upcoming “Trees” exhibit, to open on Nov. 13th. This is a very good thing! More information will be shared as we learn the details about how this sponsorship will benefit participating photographers.

Club N4C rep Cara P. handed out some certificates and awards. These came from the N4C convention that was supposed to be held in Duluth, but was postponed until 2022.

Then the club moved to the downstairs classroom where a number of still life opportunities were set up. The still life workshop was very fun!! In the ensuing photography free-for-all, lots of good discussion happened, and many photos were taken!

We hope to see the result of everybody’s creativity at the next meeting. You can also share them on social media, using the hashtag #DubuqueCameraClub.

Next meeting – Monday, Nov. 1st @ 6:30pm

The next Dubuque Camera Club meeting will be held in-person on Monday, November 1st at 6:30 p.m. N4C submissions are due before the meeting. If you would like to submit to the N4C print competition, bring your prints to the meeting. Be prepared share a few of your photos from the Still Life workshop. (Club members, watch your email for details.)