About the Club

Click to view the Dubuque Camera Club brochure (updated January 2018).

Articles about DCC from newspaper archives edited

The Dubuque Camera Club has been in existence since the 1940s. Click to read articles about the club that appeared in the Dubuque Telegraph Herald from 1942 to 1967.

The Dubuque Camera Club logo is a stylized shape of a camera with the club initials in the center. The blue area represents the Mississippi River. The yellow/gold represents sunrise over the Mississippi. The curved shape at the top repeats the curve of the Julien Dubuque bridge as well as the camera’s viewfinder. The current logo was designed by Nate Roling in 2013.

In conjunction with an exhibit at the Carnegie-Stout Public Library, the Dubuque Camera Club was the subject of a feature by Pamela Brandt in the October 2015 issue of Julien’s Journal. Click on the image to read the story.