Nov. 5, 2018 meeting notes

The Dubuque Camera Club meeting on November 5, 2018 was attended by 13 photographers and two children.  One benefit of being a club member is the chance to gain knowledge and tips from other photographers. Here are a few things that happened at the meeting:

♦ Club president Ron Tigges shared his experiences attending a Sandhill Crane viewing event near Spring Green that was organized by the Driftless Area Land Conservancy.

♦ Club member Jose Garcia demonstrated the features of his new mirrorless camera. At the same time, light acrobatic entertainment was enjoyed by the youngest attendees (taking turns hopping off the stage by Dad).

♦ Newbie club member Casey Klein shared the photos on her point-and-shoot camera with the club communications chairperson and got her name in the notes by semi-promising to wear a Mrs. Santa costume to the holiday party.

♦ Club member David Smethers shared images with his quadrant of the room from the motorcycling adventure that took him out of town during Blufftops & Visions.

♦ The club’s First Lady, Jennifer Tigges, snuck off to do some community event organizing / food production / dog walking at an undisclosed location.

♦ Club member Gary Campbell sat quietly in the back row wondering what all the fuss was about.

N4C competition winners

After the share-and-tell subsided, we looked at the returns from last month’s N4C competition. The  comments from other clubs were every bit as helpful and insightful as they always are.

The Dubuque Camera Club is blessed with a number of very talented photographers. Congratulations to the following gentlemen for winning awards in the October 2018 N4C competition:

  • Kevin McTeague
  • Jose Garcia
  • Ken Kiss
  • Ronald Tigges


The monthly N4C submissions are viewable in our club’s online gallery.  Club members can comment on five photos in each category to vote for their favorites. Voting is necessary when submissions surpass the number of entries we can send in that month. Use your member number when you comment. It should be possible to login and comment using either Facebook or a free Smugmug account.

Remember, if a category has empty spots after the first meeting of the month, it’s first come, first serve, to get your image submitted. Contact N4C reps Cara or Ken if you have questions.

N4C Image Size Guidelines – The longest side must be no more than 1920 pixels. The file size must be no more than 500KB. [N4C Competition Rules]


Ron reminded us that the Blufftops & Visions photos are online. The group photo shoot in the Historic Millwork District on Friday resulted in some smashingly good images.  Take a look, or send in your convention photos if you took some too.

Storytelling in Wildlife Photography

At the next meeting on Monday, Nov. 19 at 6:30 p.m., we will enjoy a presentation about Storytelling in Wildlife Photography by club member and nature photographer Andreas Exner. This presentation is open to the public, so please promote this event to your friends and fellow photography enthusiasts!

Holiday Potluck Party

On Monday, Dec. 3, 2018, the club will hold its annual holiday potluck party, starting at 6:00 p.m. The party is limited to club members and family members or loved ones! Watch for specific details in an upcoming email!

Thanks to everyone who attended tonight’s meeting for being part of the Dubuque Camera Club.

October 15, 2018 meeting notes

Eight members of the Dubuque Camera Club attended the regular club meeting on Monday, October 15, 2018.

Tech tips. We discussed a variety of techniques for managing images using Adobe Lightroom, such as keywording, how to import and export, where the files go, useful Youtube videos, how to edit Lightroom images in Photoshop, and more. We plan to share more Tips and Tricks suggestions during upcoming club meetings, starting with the next meeting on November 5th.

Seeing Red, the club’s exhibit at the Dubuque Museum of Art, has been extended until December 2, 2018. Museum staff have shared that they’ve received a lot of positive feedback from visitors. If you are a participating photographer, you can pick up your Seeing Red photo(s) after the exhibit ends during the club’s Holiday Party. If you haven’t seen the exhibit yet, it is located on the main floor. Visit the DuMA website for hours and details about current exhibits.

Bird Photography. The terrific presentation on bird photography that was given at Blufftops & Visions by club members Ron Tigges, Ken Kiss, and Kevin McTeague will happen again in January. They will be presenting on Thursday, January 10, 2019 during a meeting of the Dubuque Audubon Society. The program starts at 6:00 p.m. and is free and open to the public.

Presentations at upcoming club meetings. With so many talented club members,  as well as other skilled photographers in the area, we have decided to host more photography presentations at regular club meetings.

On Monday, November 19, Andreas Exner will discuss Storytelling in Wildlife Photography. He will present a slideshow of his original photos and give tips for how you can be successful with wildlife photography. The meeting will be open to all tri-state photography enthusiasts.

Andreas Exner will give a presentation on Storytelling in Wildlife Photography at the Dubuque Camera Club meeting on Monday, November 19, 2018.

Blufftops & Visions photos are online. We are very happy that the convention last month was a success. Whew! Many people have contributed photographs of the weekend’s events. You can view Blufftops & Visions photo galleries here.

Other photography events.  Inspire Cafe, located in Dubuque’s Historic Millwork District, will be hosting acclaimed photographer Mark Hirsch on Thursday, November 8th at 7:00 p.m. Visit the cafe’s Facebook page for details.

The Camera Company in Madison offers DSLR classes and hosts monthly photography events. See the education section of their website for upcoming events. Sign up for their email newsletter to stay informed.

Adobe Stock is making a push for photographer contributions to its stock website. If you contribute at least 300 photos (they must be approved by Adobe), you can earn a free Creative Cloud subscription. More details here.


  • Silos and Smokestacks, 2018 Capture the Heart of America. This annual contest is perfect for your rural photos of agricultural scenes that include farm machinery, cropland, livestock, or farm kids. Deadline: October 31, 2018. More details here.
  • Keep Iowa Beautiful. Past winners portray Iowa landscapes (both urban and rural). Deadline: December 14, 2018. More details here.
Holiday Party. The Dubuque Camera Club will hold its annual Holiday Party on Monday, December 3, 2018 @ 6:00 p.m. It will be a potluck and is open to club members and their family members or loved ones only. We will plan the details during next month’s meetings. Club members, you will be asked to bring a dish, so be sure to watch for an upcoming email with more details about the Holiday Party. 


♦ Monday, November 5, 2018. Regular club meeting. N4C submissions due.
♦ Monday, November 19, 2018. Photography Presentation by Andreas Exner on Storytelling in Wildlife Photography. Free and open to the public.
♦ Monday, December 3, 2018. Holiday party and potluck for club members and their family/loved ones. No other meeting in December.

♥ Monday, January 7, 2019. Regular club meeting. N4C submissions due.
♫ Saturday, January 19, 2019. Dubuque Bald Eagle Watch. Our club will participate with an informational table in the vendor area.
♥ Monday, January 21, 2019. Movie night (tentative). We hope to show a film that features a famous photographer.

♦ Monday, February 4, 2019. Regular club meeting. N4C submissions due.
♦ Monday, February 18, 2019. Our club will judge the Digital Black and White category of the N4C competition.

♥ Monday, March 4, 2019. Regular club meeting. N4C submissions due.
♥ Monday, March 18, 2019. Photography presentation TBA.

Dubuque Camera Club meeting on October 15, 2018.

June 4, 2018 Meeting Notes


Here are the club members who have graciously volunteered their time thus far:

  • Leo Heim has been appointed official documentary photographer for Blufftops & Visions. He will also assist with setup and teardown in the N4C print room.
  • Jose Garcia is serving as our speakers’ coordinator.  He will also lead a post-processing workshop and provide lodging for one speaker.
  • Lois Pancratz is processing convention registrations and doing the record-keeping. She is also facilitating the river cruise and (possibly?) the t-shirt orders.  At the convention, she will staff the check-in table.
  • Eleanor Schueller is printing nametags for attendees. She will help to staff the check-in table.
  • Cara Pusateri will also assist at the convention check-in table, and as needed during the weekend.
  • Jennifer Tigges is the chief organizer of the entire event, including technical details and financial budgeting. She is also handling digital communication and social media, as well as face-to-face planning and promotion.
  • Pamela Brandt has been handling digital communication, website updates, and social media.
  • Ron Tigges is facilitating the Shot Tower photoshoot and the Millwork & Models shoot. He will also lead the bird photography panel presentation and the refractography seminar.
  • Kevin McTague and Ken Kiss will be presenters in the bird photography panel presentation.
  • John Leicht will introduce keynote speakers at banquets and be the voice of the N4C awards presentations.
  • Greg Nauman is a co-organizer of the Millwork & Models shootout and will assist with visitor hospitality as needed.
  • Lori Burrows will assist with Millwork & Models.
  • Laura Schuster is in charge of banquet planning, including the Edward Curtis Lunch & Learn. She will be assisted by Cindi Simon.
  • Chris Ross will provide vocal music and guitar on Friday before the banquet.
  • Rick Noel will assist as needed.
  • Jesse Green will assist as needed (available in the evenings only).
  • Robert Felderman will assist as needed (not available Saturday evening).
  • Jaime Gordo Perez and Erin Diekman will be greeters at the American Lady cruise.

NOTE: If your name is not on this list and you would like to volunteer, please contact Jennifer or Pamela.

All volunteers will be asked to attend a volunteer meeting on Saturday, Sept. 8 from 10:00 a.m. to noon. Please plan to attend if at all possible. Details will be sent out closer to the date.


Our potluck picnic on June 4 was a success! Twenty-five people attended. The food was excellent. Much discussion happened and next year’s officers were (re-)elected. The company was lively and the food was terrific!

2018/2019 Dubuque Camera Club Officers
• President: Ron Tigges
• Vice President: Ken Kiss
• Treasurer: John Leicht
• N4C Reps: Cara Pusateri and Ken Kiss
• Communications: Pamela Brandt
• Public Relations/Events: Jennifer Tigges

Also at the meeting, Jennifer gave us an overview of Blufftops & Visions. The American Lady river cruise will be a highlight, so please put it on your calendar and plan to go! Remember, in order to make this convention a success, we need volunteers, models, swag bag items, door prize items, financial sponsorship, and volunteers.

INCENTIVE! It has been proposed that club members who are convention volunteers will receive a discounted price for Blufftops & Visions registration. Watch your email for details. All club members will still need to pay for any add-ons during registration, including the banquets and the cruise. This is because the club needs to pay for these items. You can choose which ones to attend.


Thanks to everyone in the club who sent in their RED photos for this year’s Dubuque Museum of Art exhibit. About 60 photos were submitted. The museum staff selected the images to be exhibited.

Exhibit dates: September 14 – November 4, 2018 (On display during Blufftops & Visions.)
Gallery Reception: Saturday, September 22 (details TBA)
Fall Into Art: October 5, 2018 from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. (free admission)

Remember, members will need to pay up front for their prints ($44.76). However, if the convention is a financial success, it has been proposed that each member whose photos are selected for the exhibit will receive a stipend. For that reason, it is vital that we all work together to make Blufftops & Visions a success!

Update: The art museum has made their image selections for the exhibit. Everybody with an image chosen should have received an email with specifics. A high res image AND a signed release must be returned in order to participate in the exhibit. Contact Jennifer or Ron if you have questions.


The club discussed and approved the idea of ordering club shirts. Matching shirts will make it easy for out-of-town participants to identify Dubuque Camera Club members at the upcoming Blufftops & Visions convention. We can also wear them at other club events.

Lois volunteered to chair the t-shirt committee. Jennifer has also come up with some alternate options for shirts. Baseball-style caps are a possibility too. Our Facebook group has seen some discussion about these options.  Our club logo will be on any shirts or hats that are ordered.

Right now, there is an online poll to gauge interest in various colors and styles.  As of June 23, the results were leaning toward gold. Club members only, you are welcome to vote in the t-shirt poll. Responses must be received by July 1st.

If you have questions or would simply like to add your name to the list to get a shirt, please contact Lois with your size and let her know (est. cost $12-15). See your email for contact details.

Upcoming events

The current exhibit at Art @ Your Library, located in the rotunda area of the Carnegie-Stout Public Library,  contains a couple of photos by club member Gary Fagan. An upcoming exhibit, opening in August, will feature photography by General Bob Felderman.

Summer meetings:  The regular N4C meeting season has finished. However, due to the impending photography convention, we WILL have impromptu club meetings this summer. Notice of summer meetings will go out by email. Club members, make sure to read any and all emails from the Dubuque Camera Club! They will contain important information!

  • Tuesday, Sept. 4 @ 6:30 p.m. – First regular club meeting of the upcoming season.
  • Saturday, Sept. 8 from 10:00 a.m. to noon – Volunteer meeting
  • September 13-14-15, 2018 (Thursday-Friday-Saturday) Blufftops & Visions N4C Photography Convention in Dubuque!

Remember, if you have news about area photography-related events, or any information that is of general interest to club members, you are welcome to post it to our Facebook group.

April 16, 2018 meeting notes

Ten brave photographers attended the Dubuque Camera Club meeting on Monday, April 16, 2018.

Only the most courageous creative spirits dare to attend club meetings on judging nights. Typically, more experienced club members realize that they may be called on to either judge the N4C competition, or stay up past their bedtime, so they wisely stay away.  Thank you to these brave souls:

Judges: Greg Nauman, Cecil Pfeiffer, and Andreas Exner
Facilitators: Ron Tigges, Cara Pusateri, and Eleanor Schueller

We had 108 photos in the Digital Black and White category to evaluate. Photos were judged by three judges on a scale of 0 to 5 in three categories:  technique, composition, and interest. Many of the submitted images were simply awesome.

Remember, looking at photos from other clubs can be educational. When our club judges a competition category, the images are shown on a high-res TV as well as on a bigger projection screen. This way, the audience can see what’s happening and admire the submissions too.  (All the more reason to attend on judging nights!)

If you missed this meeting  (or had to run away early because it was past your bedtime) don’t forget that you will be able to see all the winning photos on the N4C website.

2018 DuMA Exhibit Theme

The color red will be the theme for our upcoming annual photography exhibit at the Dubuque Museum of Art.  For ideas, Google “red photography.”   

If you are using Lightroom CC (the newer, cloud version of Lightroom), you can — theoretically — search your own uploaded photos for “red.” (Please report back if you find this tip useful.)

Each member in good standing (i.e. with annual dues of only $20 paid up-to-date) may submit up to 5 images to the art museum show. They will be uploaded to our Smugmug site, then the museum curator will choose among them. Submission deadline June 18 (two weeks after the club picnic).

We will probably be doing metal prints again (12″x18″). Remember, every photo that is chosen will cost you about $65 to have printed and mounted. It’s OK to decide that you only want one of your images selected. Tell Ron about any suggestions regarding financial sponsorship of the show.

Upcoming Schedule

  • May 6: Final, drop-dead deadline to submit your images to the N4C competition this year. Because we judged, our club can submit double black and white. Members, send your images to Cara or Ken by following the instructions in your membership packet. Longest side: 1920px  
  • Monday, May 7 @6:30 p.m. Regular club meeting. Mines of Spain. All tri-state area photography enthusiasts are welcome.
  • May 21 @ 6:30 p.m. Club meeting
  • June 4. Annual club potluck picnic. 6:00 start time. Final meeting of the 2017/2018 season.
  • June 18. Deadline to submit images to Seeing Red. Email them to Ron.
  • Sept. 4. First official meeting of the 2018/2019 season. Frantically finalize convention preparation. [Expect more convention-oriented planning meetings to be scheduled].
  • Sept. 13-14-15, 2018. Blufftops & Visions photography convention in Dubuque.

April 2, 2018 meeting notes

Sixteen people attended the Dubuque Camera Club meeting on April 2, 2018. We were happy to say hello again to new member Julie Johnson. Remember, all tri-state area photography enthusiasts are welcome to attend our regular club meetings! We meet twice a month, September through May, at E.B. Lyons Interpretive Center in the Mines of Spain.

Club President Ron Tigges led a planning discussion for the 2018-19 season. The goal is to challenge both beginners and experienced photographers. “I’d like to see more hands-on interaction or workshops we could do as a group,” he said. “The club is for people to learn, to share, and to get feedback from others.”

Here’s the tentative meeting ideas we came up with for next season:

  • Macro night.
  • Creative night. “We’ll use the lab downstairs and make a mess down there,” said Ron.  It can be oil & water or anything using water. Look on the internet and bring your ideas.
  • Post-processing.  This would be similar to the presentation on Photoshop techniques that we enjoyed in January.
  • Night photography. This would be an offsite club night. We would meet somewhere else to take photos. Weather dependent.
  • 3 judging meetings. Our club has committed to judging the N4C competition three times next season: 
    • September 17, 2018 – Judging Digital Pictorial
    • February 2019 – Judging Digital Black and White
    • April 2019 – Judging Digital Travel

N4C competition. Remember, the resolution size for competition submissions has increased to 1920 pixels on the longest side. File size is still limited to no more than 500KB.  If a photo receives a first, second, third, or merit award, it must be retired. Photos receiving an honorable mention may be resubmitted.  A photo collage that tells a story (like a three-photo filmstrip) is acceptable in the Digital Journalism category; however, longest side is still limited to 1920px. 

In Digital Travel, add the state to your filename or it may be disqualified by whatever club is judging. Even obvious landmarks (like the Statue of Liberty) run the risk of being disqualified for not having a state in the filename, so always be sure to add the state to travel submissions. For more detailed information about the monthly competition, see the N4C website.

Absent members. Sadly, two of our most experienced photographers, DeWayne and Gary, have been dealing with health issues that prevent them from attending meetings. We hope they will both be feeling better and back with us soon!

Now that Lori B. is back from her luxurious Florida vacation, we hope to also be seeing her at meetings again soon. More female representation is needed to keep the boys in line!

Dubuque Museum of Art show. We have agreed to organize an exhibit for the Dubuque Museum of Art. This will be our sixth annual exhibit at the art museum. Ron met with the curator to discuss. The tentative theme revolves around the color red. Selective (de)saturation is fine.  We will be ordering  12″x18″ metal prints.

The show will run from Sept. 22 to Nov. 4, 2018. Prints need to be delivered to the museum the week prior to the show’s opening. Club members can submit as many images as they wish, keeping in mind that prints will run about $65 apiece. Our SmugMug website will be used for photos submitted to the show.  If he is available, General Bob Felderman has been appointed as committee leader for this exhibit.

Blufftops & Visions

Thanks go out to everyone who has been generously giving their time to the Blufftops & Visions planning sessions. What a lot of exciting ideas have been tossed around! There is so much to do!!! Some committee leaders have already been named, but there are still plenty of ways to get involved.

For instance, we will need an official event photographer for the Blufftops & Visions convention. This will allow us to showcase photos in a gallery at the end of the convention. Are you interested? Naturally, everyone who attends is welcome to take pictures.

  • When you post your pictures on social media, use this hashtag: #blufftopsandvisions 
  • We also have a hashtag for the club: #dubuquecameraclub

Attend the April 16 club meeting for a brief overview of Blufftops & Visions planning, and to find out ways you can get involved.

Upcoming Events

  • Next regular club meeting: Monday, April 16 @ 6:30 p.m. Judging digital black and white.
  • Blufftops & Visions Planning Sessions: Saturday, April 7 @ Convivium. Saturday, April 14 @ Mines of Spain.
  • N4C Spring Mini-Convention will be held May 4-6 in Panora, Iowa. Find more information on the N4C website. On Sunday, May 6, mini-con attendees will hear our plans for Blufftops & Visions. [Jennifer is looking for tourism-related photos for this presentation. Email her to discuss contributing your photos].
  • The Linn Area Photo Club’s annual photography workshop is on May 19, 2018. Visit their website for more details.
  • Dubuque Camera Club Annual Potluck Picnic: June 4, 2018
  • Blufftops & Visions: Sept. 13-14-15, 2018